Bloodsucking Bastards

Bloodsucking Bastards, 2015. Directed by Brian James O’Connell. Written by Dr. God and Ryan Mitts. Starring Fran Kranz, Pedro Pascal, Emma Fitzpatrick, Yvette Yates, Joel Murray, Joey Kern.

We’re at a soul sucking company that sells a bunch of shit. The employees are constantly messing around, playing video games on company time and watching porn, except for “Acting” Sales Manager Evan (Kranz) who wants to remove the “Acting” from his title and maybe try to patch things up with Human Resources Director Mandy (Fitzpatrick) who he just blew it with romantically. Soon everyone is called into the boss’s office and Evan finds out that the job he wanted was given to his college nemesis, Max (Pascal). Soon he’s cramming for an important presentation and trying to hold on to his job when something weird starts happening to his coworkers.

The dry, sardonic nature of this movie feels equal parts Office Space and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the 1992 film). The cast does a great job selling their barely productive office drones who discover that their company is being turned from soul sucking to bloodsucking (too much?). There weren’t any scares in this movie, but plenty of gore as everything gets really bloody in the end. This movie happily lives on the same shelf as movies like Tucker and Dale Vs Evil and Knights of Badassdom. It’s a lot of fun.

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