2019 Year in Review: Books

Another year has passed without a post on this blog. Much has happened, though not a lot in my creative endeavors. On New Year’s Eve 2018, Caitlin & I got engaged. We were married, first in a private ceremony in Paris by the River Seine (9 April 2019) and then with our immediate families present  at the beautiful Cove Point Lodge resort on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota (2 May 2019). We’ve spent much of the year working on our house in Saint Paul, traveling to visit friends (Colorado) and family (North Carolina), and working our day jobs. We also got a puppy! I did a couple small watercolor projects in the last year, and purchased a new computer and Scrivener software to work on my complete rewrite of my novel project.

As with last year, I kept track of my reading, and as with last year, I didn’t read quite as much as I hoped. In recording this list, I didn’t separated the books out by month. Here they are, in order read:

Books Read 2019:

Black Panther & The Crew v1 (GN)
Nimona (GN)
Born To Run // Bruce Springsteen
The Wicked + The Divine v8: Mothering Invention (GN)
Sex Criminals v3: Three The Hard Way (GN)
Sex Criminals v4: Fourgy (GN)
Motor Crush v2 (GN)
Saga v8 (GN)
Saga v9 (GN)
Giant Days v6 (GN)
Giant Days v7 (GN)
Giant Days v8 (GN)
Slam v2: The Next Jam (GN)
Walkaway // Cory Doctorrow
Cibola Burn // James S.A. Corey
Elevation // Stephen King
In An Absent Dream // Seanan McGuire
War Cry // Brian McClellan
Head Full of Ghosts // Paul Trembley
Final Girls // Riley Sager
In a Dark Dark Wood // Ruth Ware
Kill The Farmboy // Delilah Dawson & Kevin Hearne
Storm of Locusts // Rebecca Roanhorse
Black Bolt v1 (GN)
Survive The Night // Danielle Vega
Infinite Detail // Tim Maughan
Internet of Garbage // Sarah Jeong
Lady From The Black Lagoon // Mallory O’Meara
The Cabin at the End of the World // Paul Trembley
The Silence of the Lambs // Thomas Harris
Thrill Me // Benjamin Percy
The Wicked + The Divine v9: Old is the New New (GN)
Danse Macabre // Stephen King
Be Prepared // Vera Broggol (GN)
My Best Friend’s Exorcism // Grady Hendrix
Carrie // Stephen King
LaGuardia // Nnedi Okarafor (GN)
Medusa in the Graveyard // Emily Davenport
Dark Visions: Conversations with the Masters in Horror Film // Stanley Wiater
Loon Lake (wip) // Charlie Hartman
Doctor Sleep // Stephen King
Gideon The Ninth // Tamsyn Muir
Suicide Woods: Stories // Benjamin Percy
Last Days // Adam Neville
Needful Things // Stephen King
The Devouring Gray // Christine Lynn Herman
Bury the Lede (GN)
The Empty Man: Recurrence (GN)
Persuader // Lee Child
The Girl on the Train // Paula Hawkins
The Deep // Rivers Solomon, with Daveed Diggs, William Hutson, Jonathan Snipes
Nemesis Games // James S.A. Corey
Giant Days v10 (GN)
Giant Days v11 (GN)
By Night (GN)

Total read: 55

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