Hitting Refresh

Time continues to carry us forward. Like so many others, our normal life paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The theatre went dark just over 2 months ago (and today marks 2 months since I was last at my office). I was furloughed, which has provided me with unemployment to weather this particular time, and allowed me to invest that time with my wife (one year married, officially at the beginning of the month) and our dogs. Things have gotten quiet; usually busy streets have slowed, bustling businesses have stilled.

We’ve been lucky; we’ve been cautious (limiting our time out, wearing masks) and we have stayed healthy so far. While we were able to follow our governor’s Shelter in Place order, so many folks had to continue to go into essential businesses every day and put themselves at risk. We had put our house up for sale on March 12th, just before everything started closing down, and it was on the market for only a few days before we decided to pause our plans on selling. With all of the uncertainty we wanted to split the difference a little between the closing of everything and the eventual reopening before we followed through with a sale.

We’ve taken the extra time to do some more work on our home, rebuilding our deck and doing all of the spring work in the yard, adding fresh plants and bringing back the ones that we planted last year. We took an anniversary drive on May 2nd up the North Shore in Minnesota, working hard to avoid people on a pleasant day trip to view the lake. Additionally, we’ve been able to spend a lot of time together watching movies together (which I’m loving–so far we’ve rewatched all of the MCU movies, a few of the Daniel Craig Bond films, the Harry Potter series, and now we’re on the Pirates of the Caribbean series) and separately (I’m rewatching some John Carpenter flicks and trying to catch up on some TV and films that I haven’t had time for).

But there is still that haze to muddle through. The fear and uncertainty has made it difficult some days to read the books I want to read or to watch the movies, or to make the art. I finished one watercolor that I started months ago, when the difficulty was working around our work prepping the house for sale and the long hours of my day job. I did another soon after, but haven’t put a fresh piece of paper on the board for several weeks now. I have also started working on the ground up rewrite of my thesis novel. It’s already taking a different shape than the book I completed 8 years ago and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. I’m using new (to me) software, Scrivener, to write the new book and after a few days of watching tutorial videos, I’ve started putting words down (about 1200 so far). It’s going to be a slog, has already been, but it’s forward momentum. I’m digging back into this blog as well, to put out into the world about art, to try to keep that general inertia going.

More later …

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