Begin Again

Since I last posted, this country has been more or less on fire. Not long after I published the last entry, another black man (George Floyd) was murdered in Minneapolis by a police officer (on video, by casually kneeling on his neck as he cried out in terror and pain and until after he was dead). That erupted in protests, not only in Minneapolis, but around the country. The protests turned to riots as they were infiltrated by white supremacists who alternated with the cops who suited up like soldiers and attacked citizens for days upon days. Buildings and businesses burned. The 3rd Precinct, where the cops who murdered Mr. Floyd worked, burned to the ground (turns out, like so many of the other businesses that were blamed on protesters, by a white supremacist). And then … it kept happening. Cops kept killing unarmed black people. Cops kept suiting up for war and attacking protests. Another case that happened before Mr. Floyd, where cops stormed into an innocent woman’s home (Breonna Taylor) and shot her many, many times while she slept, and then tried to blame her boyfriend who was sleeping next to her and became alert enough to intruders to fire a warning shot … Of course, they still haven’t arrested those murderers, in fact they are trying to get a plea deal put together with her ex (who was already in custody, and the man the police were after to begin with) to claim that she was part of a drug empire to help justify her murder. And the cops keep doing it. Just last week, a man who was breaking up a fight was tased and then when he walked away from them, the cops followed him with guns drawn, held onto his shirt, and shot him seven times in the back. In front of his three young sons, who were seated in the back seat. The officers were not arrested, protests happened, cops came in dressed for war and attacked the protesters … and this time they had heavily armed white “militia” assisting them, including a 17 year old who illegally crossed the border from Illinois, driven by his mother with an assault rifle, and he murdered 2 protesters and wounded at least one more, and then walked calmly passed the police and went home to bed. The Republicans are claiming he is a hero, that he was acting in self-defense (going to another city, with a gun, and shooting someone in the back and then shooting at people trying to get him to stop shooting people apparently constitutes self-defense).

And the coronavirus that locked us down at the beginning of the year, Covid-19, had not been stopped or even slowed all that much. Almost as soon as everyone was locked down, the folks in the government in the Republican party almost immediately tried to start reopening everything. Cases surged, deaths surged, and they kept pretending like it wasn’t real. And they still are. They just held the Republican National Convention at the White House (which is against a bunch of ethics laws) and acted like Trump had already defeated it. They’ve pushed to reopen schools (which has already started having the expected consequences) and now they’re reopening things like movie theaters and expecting people to go back. As a counterpoint, the rest of the world has done a much better job overall and as a result, a lot of other places are successfully reopening because they don’t have stupid people yelling and coughing on service workers who are asking them to wear a mask. Also, residents of the United States have been effectively barred from traveling anywhere else in the world.

At the end of June, I was notified that my position was eliminated. So, now I’m totally starting over. A big chunk of my life was spent in one place, at that theatre company. I’ve felt really conflicted about it. I’ve had some really good times there and I’ve had some really bad times. It demanded a lot of my time and my energy and it’s really strange to process having it just evaporate the way that it did. But it’s also a good thing, because I’ve spent a big chunk of my life there and it has been time to move on for a while. My wife has just started a new position with a big local realtor as their first in house photographer. Next week I have an interview about starting a 20 week bootcamp to learn coding. Yes, I’m planning on leaving the non-profit art world to try and get into the tech world. And I’m actually excited at the possibilities. One of the biggest is that this should allow me more time to spend with my wife and our dogs, but also more time to create my own art.

In the meantime, I’ve updated my website to more clearly showcase the stuff I am working on. I’ve included social media feeds on this blog to further connect my online presence. And I’ve integrated my Goodreads Currently Reading/ Read Lists into both the blog and my website. I’ve always been a big reader and I haven’t had as much time/ dedication as I thought I might in writing/ logging it on here (though I do keep up with #lastbookread on Twitter) so it seemed like a great way to keep that constantly in the forefront online. I’m going to try to write more on here, perhaps monthly blogs on what I’ve been reading and what I’ve been watching as a way to start.

More later …

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